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My name is Lezlee Craven and I live in Cottage Grove, Oregon. I am a Mom of 6 daughters and live on a small farm with cows, sheep, goats and chickens.  I wanted to share my love of sock making and old time machinery with others. This site is dedicated to the pursuit of knitting socks and other items on circular sock knitting machines. It is also my online journal about my adventures in sock knitting. Here you'll find interesting information about the history of circular sock  machines, how to find and restore CSMs, resources for new CSM machines (yes there are a couple of companies making them today), my opinions, lastest yarn finds and the chronical of my journey of learning to knit socks on my antique circular sock knitting machine. You will also find links to events and links to help you learn to knit too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's get started!
I have an antique circular sock knitting machine. Learning to knit on the machine has been a wild journey. Fortunately I have had a lot of help and support along the way from my friend Fran and a group of sock knitters that I met at a retreat in Lacey Washington. Knitting on an antique machine is fun and a little difficult to learn for someone like me. I do not know how to knit. My first knitting project was on the machine.
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I'll make changes to this site on a regular basis, sharing news, views, experiences, photos of machines and of course my socks.... Check back often!

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Circular Sock Knitting Machine

My very first sock made on the machine

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We hope you are happily cranking socks or planning to in the future. Catch us Crankers at fiber events around Oregon and Washington. The Black Sheep Gathering, the Sock Summit and the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival are all events that will include demonstrations of Circular Sock Knitting Machines. Come crank a bit and enjoy! 

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